My testimonial is don't ignore your intuition.  I was lead to the Magic Oil Launch Party in January 2019. Upon arriving I met these two lovely and loving spirits, who told me things I never could have imagined in a hundred years.  I was recommended to do certain things and I did, and I felt a bit lighter in my spirit.  They are my spiritual advisors.  For anyone who reads my testimony, I hope it will give you hope in finding yourself.   


I love Camilla and David! Last year I was going through another transition in my life, which turned out to be the most trying time of my life. Both Camilla and David held space for me and helped me to get stronger mentally and emotionally. I already knew intuitionally my path but their energy helped me get there. I was able to find another method for my spiritual awakening. I feel relaxed, content and simply amazing every time I talk to them.


Thank you so much for the readings.  I left with so many thoughts.  I will continue to review what was said and focus on my well-being.  I am impressed that you could see that I  have digestive problems and why I have them.  I will be writing of past hurts to help release them.  I truly appreciate the feedback from both of you.