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 Mystical Realism is a team of unique Empathic Tarot Readers based in the Foothills of the Los Angeles area. We are available for in-person and Zoom readings, fundraisers, parties and private events. 

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 Energetic, Intuitive Tarot

Mystical Realism was created in August 2017 by two lifelong friends each with a distinctive set of talents and gifts. We bring a diverse cultural heritage to our work that we carry deep in our hearts and cellular memory. We lovingly call ourselves The Burrito and The Blintz referring to our respective Mexican and Jewish heritage; like us, you will find the burrito and blintz both layered with a nourishing spiritual filling. Both of us steadily draw upon the mystical riches and magickal traditions from our ancestry in our lifelong quest for healing and transformation.


After a lifetime of studying all things esoteric and offering only word-of-mouth private readings, we came together to offer Tarot consultations to a wider public.  Putting our heads and spirits together, we have created an approach that provides insightful, intuitive, and meaningful tarot sessions. Unless you request otherwise, we will conduct your reading together. This allows for an extremely textured reading with dual perspectives that complement each other and raise the energy in the reading exponentially. Additionally, we may incorporate other tools of divination when giving a reading such as crystals or divination rods. We feel that our style offers an opportunity for deep self-exploration and discovery. We want to support you in your search to connect to your highest self and to manifest your most radical dreams.


Please feel free to snoop around our About section to learn more about us individually. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to drop us a line with comments, questions or just to chat.  


Bienvenido & Shalom!

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